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Consultant Accounting with Swift Accountants

As a consultant, you no doubt work closely with many of the departments within a company to come up with solutions and maximise their business growth. You may even work alongside a client’s financial system to help them strategise for the future.

However, it can be difficult to dedicate the necessary time to manage your own finances whilst you’re taking care of other people’s businesses. At Swift Accounting, our team of specialised accountants for consultants can help.

Our consultant accounting team is dedicated to providing bespoke accounting services to the likes of consultants to help you maximise your profits. We will work alongside you to improve your tax efficiency and avoid the likes of penalties associated with late or incorrect submissions. Whether you are a consultant to the finance industry, engineering, architecture or any other industry, we can help.

Just as you provide your clients with specialist knowledge as a consultant, we specialise in advising and guiding consultants through the world of accounting
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