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Foreign income

If I work abroad, do I pay taxes in the UK?

What if I live abroad?

Crypto tax

When do I declare tax from selling crypto?

I’ve exchanged crypto; do I need to declare this?

Personal tax planning

How can I be more tax efficient?

Capital gains tax

What do I need to declare when selling a property?

I have recently sold shares, do I need to declare this?

Do I owe capital gains tax or income tax?

Earning over 100k

What does this mean for my tax position?

Am I paying 60% tax?

Do I lose my annual allowance?

Historic tax reporting

I’m really behind on my tax returns.

HMRC have sent me a letter.


Should I establish my business as a sole trader or a limited company?

What expenses can I claim against my business?

Rental income

Do I have to pay tax on a rental income?

What if I live abroad?


Can i pay into a pension to reduce my tax bill?

Can I pay into a pension to save my annual allowance?

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